A week of links


Jason Collins


May 29, 2015

Links this week:

  1. Eugenics, ready or not. A good long read.

  2. Tort reform preventing people from suing for “weight related harms” may increase attempts to lose weight. HT: Ryan Murphy

  3. What does behavioural economics mean for income distribution? The argument ignores most the interesting subtleties, as there are questions around what the reference point is, how you could redistribute while avoiding loss frames etc., but the idea is still worth considering.

  4. Cholesterol is OK.

  5. The number of childless women in their 40s is falling, particularly among the most educated.

  6. If you’re in Sydney on June 17, Rob Brooks is presenting on the price of sex.

  7. Some coverage of my new paper in the Daily Mail and (for those who can get through the paywall) The Times.

And if you missed them, my posts this week:

  1. The thinking behind my newly published paper.

  2. Fifty years of twin studies.