A week of links


Jason Collins


June 26, 2015

Links this week:

  1. Highly rated doctors may not be that good. HT: Scott Alexander

  2. A Nobel prize for the inventor of vaping?

  3. Vaccinated people can still spread whooping cough.

  4. More complex products require elaborate networks of teamwork, and only a few places manage the trick.

  5. Intelligence and criminal behaviour by Joseph Schwartz and friends. No surprises here.

  6. Self control and political ideology. HT: Tyler Cowen

  7. Why the US can’t copy Sweden.

  8. Not enough studies involve blinding.

And if you missed them, my posts from the last week:

  1. The Evolutionary Foundations of Economics.

  2. Please experiment on us.

  3. The more we can send the message we have no idea, the better.