A week of links


Jason Collins


July 3, 2015

Links this week:

  1. American hippopotamus. HT: Scott Alexander.

  2. A walk in the park increases poor research practices and decreases reviewer critical thinking.

  3. Encourage more students to study science and put their future employment at greater risk.

  4. Behavioural economics and savings.

  5. The economic future for men.

  6. Why twitter is terrible. I don’t spend much time there any more.

  7. The mainstream may be getting dumber by the day, but we are living in what looks like a golden age of publishing for, of all people, the university presses.

And if you missed them, my posts from the last week:

  1. Sam Bowles on the death of Homo Economicus.

  2. A grumpy rant on behavioural economics.