A week of links


Jason Collins


August 9, 2013

Links this week:

  1. Aaron Sell rants about some recent papers on whether there are sex differences in the willingness to have casual sex.

  2. Robert Kurzban (who I seem to be linking to a lot recently) posts on one of my favourite Gerd Gigerenzer papers.

  3. Alex Tabarrok comments on fat animals.

  4. “Derek” fathers over 500 children filling in for shellshocked husbands.

  5. Do we need more pharmaceutical advertising to enhance the placebo effect?

  6. Finally, after catching some tweets about Iain Couzin’s talk at Behaviour 2013, I was perusing his website and found a lot of interesting bits and pieces, including the below video. I’m convinced that work on herding and swarming has a lot to offer economics (as Andrew Oswald argues).