A week of links


Jason Collins


September 12, 2014

Links this week:

  1. An excellent Econtalk podcast with Jonathan Haidt. Just don’t buy his lines about group selection - my reasons here.

  2. Steven Pinker’s amusing article on the Ivy League.

  3. Greg Clark applies his work on social mobility to immigration. Reihan Salam comments.

  4. A great swipe at “talent deniers”.

  5. Tracking supercentenarians.

  6. The agricultural origins of time preference - I’ll blog about this once I digest. HT: Tyler Cowen

  7. The cognitive gains from Head Start fade out by elementary school.

  8. I’m back into my habit of linking to Andrew Gelman articles every week - this time a great rant about expected utility titled “It’s as if you went into a bathroom in a bar and saw a guy pissing on his shoes, and instead of thinking he has some problem with his aim, you suppose he has a positive utility for getting his shoes wet