A week of links


Jason Collins


October 4, 2014

Links this week:

  1. The workplace is needed to overcome our lack of self control.

  2. Resisting instant gratification - the FT explores Walter Mischel’s the Marshmallow Test.

  3. Most critiques of twin studies recycle the same discredited 40-year-old arguments. Here’s another paper pulling them apart.

  4. The college educated are still getting married, just later. The same can’t be said for everyone else.

  5. A critique of the 10,000 hour rule. But people should not feel obliged to follow every mention of the role of genetics with an apology for war, slavery and genocide (surprised eugenics didn’t get a mention).

  6. People respond to prices on medical procedures. Demand curves still slope down.

  7. Your baby looks like your ex. Slightly disturbing.

  8. A collection of W. Brian Arthur papers on complexity in economics is due out at the end of the month.

  9. Matt Ridley reviews Steven Johnson’s book How We Got To Now.

  10. Neuroskeptic skewers claims that “this will change your brain”.

  11. Young, middle-aged and old men all want women in their 20s. But they’re realistic about what they can get.

  12. Academics writing stinks.

  13. French regulators are mad. Or at least a touch madder than the rest.