A week of links


Jason Collins


October 10, 2014

Links this week:

  1. Plenty of press and interesting articles sparked by Peter Thiel’s new book. First, he has a swipe at business schools. And some great one-liners. But is he wrong about the future?

  2. Another tech-billionaire - Elon Musk wants to put people of Mars.

  3. Eric Crampton has some great posts this week on public health. First, where should the money be going?  Some thoughts on soda taxes and fat taxes. And drinking when pregnant.

  4. Cameron Murray risks walking onto Steven Landsburg’s lawn.

  5. Rajiv Sethi defends agent based models from Chris House. House tends to overreach when he strolls into the unfamiliar and attacks the heterodox rather than his standard (and also not overly convincing) defense of the orthodox.

  6. Put your laptops away kids.

  7. The missing heritability puzzle is slowing being chipped away. But the genetic post-modernists continue their losing battle.

  8. The heritability of educational attainment reflects many genetically influenced traits, not just intelligence. A Science Daily summary. Plus, emotional intelligence is overrated (HT: Stuart Ritchie). Intelligence is important, and to the extent other traits matter, they are heritable too.

  9. Does evolutionary theory need a rethink? No.

  10. Doctor decision fatigue - more unnecessary antibiotics in the afternoon.