A week of links


Jason Collins


November 7, 2014

Links this week:

  1. The freedom to pursue informed self-harm has a long and noble tradition.

  2. What happens when behavioural economics is used to explain rational behaviour.

  3. A great summary of some of Gordon Tullock’s work. HT: Garett Jones

  4. Another study on the limited effect of parenting on IQ. HT: Billarevia Stuart Ritchie

  5. What Hayek might say to Republicans.

  6. The long shadow of history on the distribution of human capital in Europe. HT: Ben Southwood

  7. Opposition to urban development by “environmentalists” is among my bigger gripes. Left-leaning cities are less affordable.

  8. I have only just come across Dominic Cummings. Some interesting thoughts. Check out his blog.

  9. How your brain decides without you.