A week of links


Jason Collins


December 27, 2014

Links this week:

  1. Lectures on Human Capital by Gary Becker. (HT: Eric Crampton)

  2. We learn more from success than failure. A bit semantic, and where is this government agency with a learn-from-failure culture? But worth the read.

  3. The 2014 Nanny State awards.

  4. Robert Sapolsky on the Christmas truce of 1914.

  5. People like gifts that they want.

  6. Greater contact between racial groups increases bias? (HT: Razib Khan)

  7. Another arena where a bit more science might help - the justice system.

  8. The Accidental Lobster Farmers (HT: Tyler Cowen).

  9. Nothing like an article confirming my priors - LaTeX is a productivity sink (HT: Alex Tabarrok). A common comment I receive from economists on my papers is “Did you do this in Word?” The funny thing with LaTeX is that most people don’t change the default font - if you did that, people might not know it was prepared with LaTeX.