A week of links


Jason Collins


February 27, 2015

Links this week:

  1. The Lancet’s obesity predictions.

  2. Design things to be difficult. HT: Rory Sutherland

  3. Is there any known safe level of government funding?

  4. Increasing diversity by hiring groups, not individuals.

  5. Plenty of critiques of nudge-style interventions popping up, although they are rarely done well. Here’s another. And what is a nudge?

  6. A perspective on consumer genomics.

  7. Wealth heritability.

  8. Edging toward the right answer.

  9. Why it is so much easier to data crunch sport than economics.

And if you missed them, my posts this week:

  1. Tolstoy, behavioural scientist.

  2. The left and heritability.