A week of links


Jason Collins


March 6, 2015

Links this week:

  1. I have an article at ABC’s The Drum on the Australian Government’s Intergenerational Report - “It’s time to end the demographic pessimism”.

  2. “The myriad processes that bring in food, convert it to metabolic fuel, and burn this fuel in our cells act in concert to keep our energy budget – the daily paper – essentially fixed in size.” HT: Melissa McEwen

  3. An education intervention that might have worked.

  4. Why are some demographic groups doing better than others?

  5.  What makes the current era feel so deprived?

  6. A surprisingly good article on the whether science supports a paleo diet.

  7. The global flight from the familyAnd miserable 19th century marriages.

  8. A short history of  iterated prisoner’s dilemma tournaments.

  9. So much for peak oil.

And if you missed them, my posts this week:

  1. Introducing Evonomics.

  2. Can government policy overcome implicit bias?