A week of links


Jason Collins


March 27, 2015

Links this week:

  1. “If compulsory voting were to help Democrats at all, it would probably help the bad Democrats. The Democrats would end up running and electing more intolerant, innumerate, hawkish candidates.”

  2. The management / bureaucratic speak of World Bank reports. It’s worth clicking through to the full article.

  3. Paul Meehl was talking about today’s problems in psychology 30 years ago.

  4. The problems of financially strapped Americans are not caused by private jets and billionaires buying islands.

  5. Does adoption increase IQ?

  6. An attempt to pull apart the recent breastfeeding study, but still no mention of genetics.

  7. Accessing doctor or lawyer track records.

  8. Might GMO labelling backfire? HT: Ryan Murphy. My guess is that if people avoided foods containing GMOs, their health would improve in the short term by decreasing their consumption of processed foods. In the longer-term, as GM fruit and vegetables start to become prevalent, I am not so sure.

  9. Relatednesss and eusociality. HT: Stuart West

And if you missed them, my posts this week:

  1. The Gell-Mann amnesia effect

  2. Giving behavioural economics an evolutionary perspective.