Best books I read in 2021


Jason Collins


January 6, 2022

The best books I read in 2021 - generally released in other years - were:

It’s a short list. There just wasn’t much I was inspired by this year. Maybe I’m getting old and grumpy. Perhaps my book selection was not great. What I pick up next is too often dictated by mood rather than a plan.

Below is the full list of books that I read in 2021 (starred if I have read before). The volume of my reading of books cover-to-cover continues to fall year-on-year, with 33 total (23 non-fiction, 10 fiction). The pandemic and continued lack of commute is one driver beyond the decline. You can see from the list of the books I have read to the kids (48 of them!) where some of that extra time at home is going.

I’ve also included a list of books commenced but abandoned. There are 9 on that list. I want to be more ruthless in stopping reading books that aren’t worth the effort. There are more than enough on the reading pile to justify moving on if the gain isn’t there. As you can see from that short, albeit incomplete list, abandoning books is a skill I need to build.



Commenced but abandoned (incomplete list)

Read to the kids

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