Best books I read in 2022


Jason Collins


January 10, 2023

The best books I read in 2022 - generally released in other years - were:

Below is the full list of books that I read in 2022 (starred if I have read before). The volume of my reading of books cover-to-cover was on par with last year, with 34 total (18 non-fiction, 16 fiction). I read to the kids much less than the previous year as they are taking on more reading themselves. Somehow that didn’t translate to more reading by myself.

What’s interesting about this list is how little behavioural science is on it. I find it hard to stomach - or even start - most of the popular books on the subject. The replication crisis is changing the way science is done (at a glacial pace), but the popular book production line looks pretty much the same.

I’ve also included an incomplete list of books commenced but abandoned. There are 12 on that list. I’m still not ruthless enough in moving on.



Commenced but abandoned

Read to the kids (a lot of other kids books were commenced but abandoned)

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