Consilience Conference


Jason Collins


January 21, 2012

Have just discovered the upcoming Consilience Conference. From the blurb:

Speakers at this conference are all top researchers in biology, the social sciences, or the humanities. All the speakers know the level of consensus in their fields and can recognize major changes taking place, identify the major unsolved problems, and point toward future directions of research. They can all also discuss relations among at least two of the three areas (biology, the social sciences, and the humanities).

Momentum to incorporate biology into the social sciences is growing.

The speakers list has me tempted to jump on a plane: Edward O Wilson, Henry Harpending, John Hawks, Christopher Boehm, Herb Gintis and Robert Frank among others. (Although a quick look at flight schedules - 24 hours there, 32 hours back…..)

Update: I attended, and posted about the conference here and here.