MSiX: Marketing Science Ideas Xchange


Jason Collins


July 11, 2014

For those in or near Sydney at the end of July, there’s an interesting conference in the works - the Marketing Science Ideas Exchange. From the blurb:

The Marketing Science Ideas Xchange (MSiX) is the first event of its type in Australia dedicated to the interface between behavioural science and marketing. The conference will demonstrate why behavioural sciences in general, and behavioural economics in particular, is making such strong headways into advertising. The conference promises to be a mix of theory and practical examples, all housed within a fun and interactive ideas exchange environment.

It will be interesting to go to a behavioural insights conference full of marketers, rather than the usual economists. Marketers have had to be willing to embrace a relatively realistic understanding of human behaviour and, obviously, have been exploiting decision-making biases for years. But I get the sense that they could be more systematic in their approach and adopt a much richer understanding of human nature.

Headlining the conference is Rory Sutherland, the best friend of behavioural science in the ad world (although Rory is happy to keep using the term ’behavioural economics’). Watch the video below for a taste of what is on offer. I endorse Rory’s fast train strategy, and recommend googling around for some of this other presentations.

There are some other interesting speakers in the lineup. I recently saw Alex Gyani from the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team (now seconded in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet) speak on the need for evidence based policy, and expect he’ll be continuing that theme. The rest of the program is here.