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April 27, 2018

After my recent post on how I focus, I received a couple of requests for the blogs I follow. Here are my current subscriptions in Feedly, with occasional comments.

Some of these blogs have been in my reader for years, others I am trialling. I am usually trialling a few at any time, and tend to have a “one in, one out” pattern of subscription. It normally takes me about 10 minutes once every day or two to scan the new entries and decide which are worth reading. This set of blogs generates more posts for my read later pile than I can get through.

Askblog (Arnold Kling has been one of my main influences in thinking about causation in social science and economics )

Behavioral Public Policy Blog

Behavioral Scientist (For which I am a founding columnist. You can find my contributions here.)

Behavioural Insights Team

The BE Hub

Bryan Caplan at Econlog (too much politics in the other Econlog bloggers for my taste)

Cal Newport (Author of Deep Work, for which I will I will post a review at some point. My review of So Good They Can’t Ignore You is here.)

Centre for Advanced Hindsight

Decision Science News

Dominic Cumming’s blog

The Enlightened Economist (For the book recommendations)


Ergodicity Economics (Started subscribing after seeing the video posted at the bottom of this post)

Farnam Street

Fresh Economic Thinking

Gene Expression (I’m subscribed to the full Razib Khan firehose, but am there for the gnxp material)


Information Processing (Keeps me on top of the latest on genomic prediction)

Jason Collins blog (As a check that my feed is working)

John Kay (Most of my day job is in financial services and markets)

Marginal Revolution

Matt Ridley

Megan McArdle

Offsetting Behaviour

O’Reilly Media

Slate Star Codex

Statistical Modelling, Causal Inference, and Social Science (Andrew Gelman’s blog. In terms of what I have learnt, the most valuable blog on the list)

Tim Harford