My podcast appearances


Jason Collins


March 3, 2022

Over the last few years I have appeared on several podcasts, the most recent being a discussion with Phil Agnew on the Nudge podcast. I am definitely more a writer than a speaker, but if you prefer audio to the written, check out the below.

Nudge podcast - Beware of Behaviour Science BS

42courses - Behavioural Science & Evolutionary Biology

Todd Nief - Loss Aversion and Ergodicity Economics: This was a long and pretty technical conversation on the back of a primer I wrote on ergodicity economics. Todd’s audience spans crossfit, death metal and the rationalist community. He assured me that my collection of early Sepultura records from my youth classifies as proto-death metal, so I managed to have some connection to all three.

A Bunch of BS - Knowing Our Limits, Expanding Our Knowledge

Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef - A skeptical take on behavioral economics: I wrote a post afterward offering some additional thoughts. (Rationally Speaking is one of the few podcasts for which I listen to at least the beginning of every episode.)