Videos for the Biological Basis of Preferences and Behavior Conference


Jason Collins


September 21, 2012

Videos of the presentations at the Biological Basis of Preferences and Behaviour conference have been put online. Many are worth watching. I hope to write more detailed posts about a few of the presentations soon, but the three presentations I got the most out of were:

  1. “Social Networks and Cooperation in Hunter-Gatherers” by Coren Apicella. Presentations such as this always remind me that I should be reading far more work by anthropologists.
  2. “The Genetic Architecture of Economic and Political Preferences” by David Cesarini. A good introduction to the growing field of genoeconomics.
  3. “Cognitive Trade-Offs in Chimpanzee Versus Human Mixed Strategy Play” by Colin Camerer. Don’t play poker against chimpanzees. I’ve posted on these chimps before.

My earlier posts on the conference include my general impressions and some comments on the presentation by Balazs Szentes.