A week of links


Jason Collins


September 6, 2013

Links this week:

  1. David Sloan Wilson and Jonathan Haidt have kicked off an evolution and business blog at Forbes. It will be worth a read, and unsurprisingly the first post reflects Wilson and Haidt’s group selection leanings. It should give plenty of fodder for interesting posts. I’ve written about Haidt’s group selection views before, plus plenty of posts on Wilson’s (here and here for starters).

  2. Also on Jonathan Haidt, he is the editor of a new business section at Evolution: This View of Life.

  3. A book that looks worth a read: The Rational Animal. Doug Kenrick posts on it.

  4. Tim Harford’s article on Lin Ostrom’s work is good. Ostrom gets quoted a lot for her suggestion that a single international agreement to deal with climate change would be a mistake, less so for her suggestion of polycentric action at all levels - just the sort of thing that would have the typical economist decrying as horribly inefficient.